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My work:


We in session in studio, nearby parks or location of choice.

· Newborns

The preferable age to photograph newborns is from about day one, to 20 days old. After that  he/she will sleep less and it's more difficult to capture cute sleepy shots. Newborns are usually shot naked. This way is easier to capture their tenderness and innocence. If the client wants a photo shoot right after  birth in the hospital arrangements could be made. Props such as: booties, legwarmers, beanies, baskets, bowls, etc, are used in these shoot. Yes, parents can also be used as props.


·  Babies:

For babies (one month old until they are walking) and toddlers (when they start walking till three yrs old)  most of the props from newborns are used, except baskets or bowls. Since babies and toddlers are restless, I usually ask the parents to bring their toys, books, stuffed animals, etc. This way they are more comfortable while they’re being photographed. If the session is in the child's house this, obviously, won’t be a problem. Some shots will be taken nude, others with neutral or pastel colored clothing. No logo or cartoon clothing.




Sessions last about two to three hours depending on the baby or child's cooperation. Prices are to be discussed by e-mail or phone.



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