How the business began


Hello everyone!

I'm Cindy Enid a Puerto Rican child photographer. I started this as a business not so long ago, but it's turning out to be successful, therefore I decided to promote my work in the web, since several people were asking me if I have a website where they could see my work. I became interested in photography a long time ago, but I didn't have the resources to buy myself a good professional camera. When I finally had the chance to get a camera, I started shooting everything that I enjoyed, like people and animals. I didn't really think much of my work until people started asking me if I could do a photo shoot for their families or children. I accepted some challenges even though I had never studied photography; I just enjoy it so much. Before my interest in photography, I was really into portrait drawing. I still enjoy drawing, but I've encountered a new skill, which I totally love. Consequently, I decided to make it as a business.


I've become more interested in photographing newborns, babies and children. There’s just something special about them… their pureness and innocence. The fact itself that they don't even need to pose or smile to capture an amazing and natural shot it’s just so intriguing. I also like the way kids express themselves; they're not afraid of showing the world their unique and spontaneous personalities. When it comes to newborns it reminds me of a saying, which I’ll quote: "A newborn baby is a way of God showing us that the world will go on” and I feel like it's my job to capture these short lasting moments of this stage of being a newborn.





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